Corel Draw 

  • Know Work Area Toolbox, Property Bar, Drawing Objects, Formatting Text, Paragraph, Page Setup Rulers, Grid, Using Templates, Transparency, Bitmap Effects, Creating Rollover Buttons, Creating Art Works     

Adobe In design 

  • Understanding Indesign Window, Toolbox, Working With Palettes (Control, Color, Style, Layer ) Working With Objects, Frames, Text, Insert Graphics, Clipart, Pages   Paragraph, Text Wrapping, Formatting  Text  Bulleting Text 

Adobe Photoshop 

  • Understanding Adobe Photoshop cs2 Window,
  • Tools, Layer Pallets, Color Pallets, Style Pallets,   Browsing, New Features Of Adobe Photoshop cs2 Browsing Images with Adobe Bridge, Working With  Pen Tool Paint Brush Color Modes, Bitmap and Vector Graphics
  • Advanced Layer Techniques,Arranging, Blending, Retouching Photos, Coloring Images, Prepare Images For Two Color Printing, Picture Resolution Type Tool, Setting Workspace Image Optimizing for web

Adobe Illustrator 

  • Know Work Area, Toolbox, Pallets Working With Type
  • Working With Brushes, Working With Symbols Working
  • With airbrush, working with Placement, Pen Tool
  • Blending and transparency, Insert Graphics,3d Effects

Adobe  Flash 

  • Understanding Flash Window, Simple Animation Techniques

Course Fee : 12,000/-

Duration : 60 hrs