1. Introduction to Java
2. Introduction Android
a. Introduction to Android
b. Android App Architecture
3. Getting the Environment Ready
a. Installing the Android SDK bundle
b. Installing SDK Platforms and other packages
c. Virtual Devices and Testing
d. Getting your Android device ready for Testing
e. Creating your first app
3. Development Fundamentals
a. Android Project Structure
b. App Manifest File
4. Defining Activities
a. The Layout XML Files
b. Designing Screens
c. Linear Layouts
d. Relative Layouts
e. Adding Views to a View Group with JAVA Code
f. Displaying an image resource with ImageView
5. Debugging Android Apps
a. Debugging Java Code with Logcat
b. Displaying messages onscreen with Toast
c. Using breakpoints and watching variables
d. Using DDMS Perspective
6. Managing Navigation
a. Creating new activities and layouts
b. Using explicit intents to start new activities
c. Finishing and returning from a secondary activity
d. The Android Life Cycle
e. Opening activities with implicit intents
7. Supporting Multiple Screens
a. Defining and using styles
b. Applying application themes
c. Creating a scrollable text display
d. Laying out a screen with fragments
8. Working with Events
a. Handling user events with Java Code
b. Handling Orientation and other configuration Changes
9. Working with Menus and Action Bar
a. Adding items to the options menu
b. Displaying menu items in the action bar
c. Managing the action bar and menus at runtime
10. Working with Data
a. Passing data to an activity with intent extras
b. Receiving data in a new activity
c. Returning data to a calling activity
d. Displaying data in a list
e. Handling list item click events
f. Customizing the list item
g. Exploring other uses of data
11. Android Developer Console
12. The All new Android Studio
13. Accessing Android Hardware
14.Sending SMS
15.Web-services Mysql+php